Web audio files, static, streaming audio file: Advantages

Static audio file: A static audio file is a regular audio file which can be of any format. To share a static audio file you can provide a link of the file in your website. The visitor of your website can download the file by clicking on the link. Once the user has fully downloaded the file (100%), then they can play the file by using any audio player as per their choice. Common file formats which are downloaded in this fashion are mp3, aac, wav, mp4, etc.

Advantages of static audio file:

1) Direct download: Static audio file can be downloaded directly and no plugins or extensions are required.

2) Continuous playing: When the file is downloaded you can play it continuously and there will not be any pauses if your internet connection is slow.

3) High quality: You can put high quality audio for download and you don’t have to worry about buffering it.

Streaming audio file: A streaming audio file is the one which can be played after some time when it loads in the webpage. The file is loaded in the buffer and the audio begins tom play after a few seconds. As the buffering progresses the playing of the file also progresses. For implementation of the streaming audio, the webpage is linked to a metafile. A metafile is a small text file which has the name and location of source of audio file.

Advantages of streaming audio file:

1) On the fly playing: If you have a fast internet connection then you can play streaming audio files directly without downloading it.

2) Good for checking the file before download: By streaming audio you can check a file before downloading it.

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