Usenet newsgroups: Types, Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), uuencoding encoding, newsreaders

Usenet newsgroup: Usenet is a distributed bulletin board system where users can post articles and carry out discussions. Usenet is categorized in to newsgroups. Each newsgroup is dedicated to one topic and users can subscribe to a newsgroup. A user can read, post articles and post replies in newsgroups. Usually, a moderator is also used for maintaining the quality of the information which is being posted in a newsgroup. A news article can be easily deleted from a newsgroup. Newsgroups are categorized in a hierarchical system. For Example: for a newsgroup comp the newsgroup for languages is comp.lang and the newsgroup for C language is: comp.lang.c

News severs are used for distributing news. A news sever can be accessed from where name-of-isp is the name of your internet service provider. News administrators are used for managing a news server. A newsreader is a program which can be used for accessing the newsgroup. Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) is used for interaction between news servers and newsreader. A newsreader can also be used for downloading newsgroup articles for further reading. In a newsreader articles are displayed as threads where you can see the posts and replies in an indented list. Attachments can be sent along with the message in newsgroups. To convert binary files to text uuencoding encoding system is used by the news server. These binary files are later decoded by using the newsreader.

Types of newsgroups:

  • comp: For discussion on computer hardware, software, networking, etc.
  • soc: For discussion on social topics
  • talk: For general discussion
  • misc: For discussion on miscellaneous topics
  • news: For discussion on Usenet
  • rec: For discussion on recreational topics
  • sci: For discussion on scientific topics


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