Usenet netiquette: Tips, suggestions and guidelines to post in newsgroups

Here are the netiquette, tips and guidelines to post in newsgroups:

1) Always start a unique thread: When you are posting a new article make sure you check if there’s an existing article for the same. If there’s an existing article you can post a reply to that article and the conversation should be in the same thread.

2) Follow the guidelines of the particular newsgroup: Each newsgroup has a set of guidelines which you must follow before posting new articles and replies.

3) Select the correct newsgroup before posting: You have to make sure that you post the articles in a particular newsgroup which is related to your article.

4) Formatting: Make sure that before posting you are checking the formatting of the article.

5) Spelling, grammar and punctuation: You should post articles which are easy to read and always check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

6) Avoid cross posting: Cross posting refers to posting of same messages in many newsgroups. You should always avoid cross posting.

7) Cancel if article is not correct: If you feel that the article you just posted is not correct in any manner then you should cancel it.

8) Quote in replies: While posting replies you can quote the specific part of the sentence for which you are replying. That way, other readers will understand easily what you are replying to.

9) Do not post every message to entire list: Replies like “Thanks” can be sent via email rather than the entire list.

10) Post original content: You should make sure that you don’t post your original content in newsgroups.

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