Types of chat, conference, messaging, communication tools in web: Real time, asynchronous

Chat or communication between users can be in real time or asynchronous:

  • Real time chat: Online users can chat in real time and the messages are sent and received within seconds.
  • Asynchronous chat: Users can read and post messages. Other users can reply to these messages whenever they read it. Communication does not happen in real time.

Here are the types of chat, conferences, messaging, and communication tools in web:

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC): IRC is a type of real time chat where an IRC program is used to connect to a central IRC server. A user can pick a channel as per their likings and can start chatting.
  • Usenet Newsgroup: Usenet is an asynchronous type of chat. Usenet is used to distribute messages and users can subscribe to newsgroups.
  • Web based chat: It is a real time chat where users can chat in a particular website by using a browser.
  • Instant messaging: A user can join an instant messenger and add people to chat. The other person has to confirm the user before chatting. Chat is real time and messages are sent instantly.
  • Online Conferencing: Users can join in an online conference where they can use voice and video to chat. Chatting is real time with live video and audio streams.
  • Discussion board: A discussion board is a forum where you can post and read messages in a particular website. It is an asynchronous chat.
  • Mailing list: A user can subscribe to mailing list and whenever a blast is sent he will receive a copy of the email. He can reply to this email as well. It is asynchronous type of chat.

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