Operators, methods in search: Exact phrase, synonyms, site, wildcard, number range, include, exclude keywords

Apart from regular search, a Google, Yahoo or Bing search can be performed in many ways. Here are the methods and search operators by which a specific search can be done in a search engine:

1) Regular search: This is the regular search and it will display most likely search results of the typed query. For Example: More Process

2) Exact phrase search: This search is used for matching an exact search phrase. The exact phrase to be matched is put between quotes. For Example: “midpoint subdivision line clipping algorithm”

3) + to include words, – to exclude words: + symbol in search is used to include words and – sign is used to exclude words. For Example: warnock algorithm in computer graphics – visible space.

4) AND search: It is used to combine two search queries. For Example: boundary fill AND flood fill polygon fill method

5) NOT search: It is used to not include specific terms from result pages. For Example: direct view storage tube NOT algorithm. This search will include the pages having terms direct view storage tube but not the pages having keyword algorithm.

6) OR search: It is used to search many queries at once containing either of the keywords. For Example: midpoint subdivision OR line clipping algorithm.

7) Synonyms search: ~ symbol is used to search a synonym along with the search keyword. For Example: ~More Process

8) Search in a site: It is used to search all occurrences of a keyword in a particular site. Keyword site: is used for this purpose. For Example: [ Graphics site:moreprocess.com ] Here keyword Graphics is searched in site moreprocess.com

9) Wildcard search: In this search * is used as a wildcard to include missing or unknown keywords in a search. For Example: [ “midpoint * line * algorithm” ]

10) Number range search: It is used to search range of numbers. For Example: [ more process 2012..2015] This query will find results related to more process in range 2012-2015.


  1. Gorf says

    I’m trying to get a search to work, that would look for pages on a specific site with the prase “project” next to a number between 200 and 2000. (eg “Project 258″ or “Project 1961″)

    When I try:
    site:thedomain.tld/pages/ project 200..2000

    I get no results at all, although doing:
    site:thedomain.tld/pages/ 200..2000

    …returns many appropriate pages, as well as a lot of junk ones that have the number somewhere else on page.

    Any idea why the first search phrase doesn’t work?

  2. admin says

    Hi, query site:thedomain.tld/pages/ project 200..2000 is actually searching for the Projects in pages under the specified domain name for a range between 200 to 2000. You need to make sure if the term “project” really exists in these pages.

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