Internet Relay Chat (IRC): server, ports, channels, nickname, chanop

Internet Relay Chat (IRC): IRC is a type of real time chat where an IRC program is used to connect to a central IRC server. A user can pick a channel as per their liking and can start chatting.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server: IRC server is used to connect IRC client computer systems with each other. It also manages the channels.

Ports for IRC: Ports for IRC are in the range of 6660 to 6670. Default port for IRC is 6667.

Channels: A channel is chat room in IRC. There can be unlimited users in a channel and each user can start his own channel. In a channel whenever a message is entered by a user, every user in this channel will receive the message.

Nickname: A nickname is name used by a user in a channel.

Chanop: Chanop is the IRC channel operator. When a user creates a channel, he automatically becomes the chanop for that channel.

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