Image slicing, background seamless tiling

Image slicing: Image slicing is used to add clickable links in the images. In this process an image is divided in rows and columns in a tabular fashion. Then each row or the row which has to be made clickable can be linked to a hyperlink. This way a user can click on the different spots in the image to visit different internal or external URLs. It is usually used for adding navigation in images. Alternate text can also be added for a clickable image part so that for a user who can’t see the images can still click on the links and navigate.

Background seamless tiling: Background tiling is used for setting up a background image. The normal way for setting up a background image is to set up an entire image as the background. However, by doing this the browser will take too long to load the background image. So to avoid this, a smaller image which is the smaller version of the bigger image is chosen and it is repeated several times in rows and columns. The repetition of the small image can be controlled to form a larger image. It is made sure that the repetition of smaller images is such that a user cannot distinguish that the background is made up of parts of small images. This process is known as background seamless tiling.

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