How to create a safe, strong, secure password and protect your accounts in the web?

Here are the tips by which you can create a safe, strong, and secure password and protect your accounts in the web:

1) Do not use dictionary words: You should not use dictionary words for your passwords. It can easily be accessed by password guessing programs.

2) Do not use birthdates, name, etc.: You should not use your name, date of birth, street address, social security number, and the place where you live in. These things can easily be guessed. The idea is to make the password discreet.

3) Don’t use same passwords for many accounts: If you use the same password for many accounts then, if a password is cracked, then all the passwords are cracked.

4) Make use of special symbols: Special symbols like #, $, &, ^, @ and * can really create some strong passwords.

5) Make use of space bar: Space bar can also be used to create strong passwords.

6) Use numbers: Numbers used with text and special symbols can really create strong passwords.

7) Make use of random words: When you are creating a password, try to use random words. For Example: Instead of more process, you can write M0r3 p oC33$$. This word can easily be remembered as it is the name of this site. However, the password is very difficult to guess because there are no random words are used.

8) Do not write your passwords: Writing your password is not a very great idea especially if the account is an important one. You should memorize your passwords.

9) Categorize your passwords: Password for a Twitter account and password for the admin section of your website shouldn’t be same. It is a good practice to categorize your passwords. The idea is not to provide your ironclad password to any or every account. For Example, if you are just downloading a file and for that if you need to create a password then, you can use an easy one as the site from which you are downloading can’t be trusted with your extra strong password.

10) Do not give your ironclad password to anyone: You should not never ever share your important passwords. People should not even know how you create your important passwords.

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