Domain, host name, Types of top level domains (TLD), second, third level domain, subdomain

A domain name or a host name is used instead of IP address so that the name can be remembered easily then remembering an IP address. Domain names are not case sensitive. That means, is same as MOREPROCESS.COM

Top level domain (TLD): A top level domain is a domain which is at the top most level in the hierarchy of domain names. Here are the types of top level domains:

  • com: It is used for commercial organizations.
  • net: It is used for Internet service providers (ISPs) and network related organizations.
  • org: It is used for nonprofit organizations.
  • gov: It is used for US government agencies.
  • mil: It is used for US military
  • edu: It is used for educational institutions.
  • int: It is used for international organizations.
  • info: It is used for information.
  • museum: It is used for museums
  • name: It is used for individuals.
  • aero: It is used for airlines.
  • arpa: It is used for internet infrastructure.
  • biz: It is used for business.
  • coop: It is used for cooperatives.
  • Country Specific: For countries there’s a two letter top level domain. For Example, for US it is .us

Second level domain: Second level domain is the name of the domain. For Example, moreprocess in

Third level domain or subdomain: A subdomain is a part of second level domain. For Example,

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