Components of LAN: Ethernet, switch, hub, RJ-45 jack, Network adapter, NIC (Network Interface Controller) card

Here are the components of a LAN (Local Area Network):

1) Workstations: Workstations are the computers which are connected to the LAN.

2) Client softwares: Client softwares like browsers are run in workstation computers for different applications.

3) Servers: Servers are used for providing services in LAN. For Example: File server, web server, etc.

4) Server software: A server software is run in a server for providing services. For Example: web server software.

5) Ethernet: Ethernet is a process of connecting a computer to a LAN. In Ethernet, streams of data known as frames are sent for communication.

6) Switch and hub: Switch and hubs are used to connect a computer to the LAN. A switch and hub can be in 4 port, 8 port, or 16 port configuration.

7) RJ-45 jack: It is a connector which is at the end of the cable to connect to the computer.

8) Network adapter or NIC (Network Interface Controller) card: It is hardware which is required in the computer to connect it to the network. It is a physical and data link layer device which uses MAC addresses.

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