Checklist before buying a web hosting service for your site

Every site is different and it has different set of requirements. Before you buy a web host, you should consider the below given checklist:

1) Popularity of web host: You need to make sure that your host is in business for quite some time. You don’t want that one fine day you wake up and everything is gone. You can search the company name to find out about its reviews before hiring.

2) Secure web server: Almost all companies use a secure web server these days. However, it is still a good practice to check it once.

3) SSL certificate: If you wish to run a store and anticipating credit card payments then you need to make sure that your web host provides support for SSL certificates. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides encryption of data in a website.

4) 24/7 email, chat or phone support: Almost all the major companies provide 24/7 email, chat and phone support. You can get problems anytime while running a site, so there has to be a 24/7 support so that your site can be fixed anytime.

5) Storage space: You have to make sure that the hosting plan you are about to buy can accommodate your site.

6) Bandwidth: Same goes with the bandwidth. You can check from you previous host on how much bandwidth you require to host your site. If your site is new then you can start with a basic plan as for many months there won’t be usually any significant traffic.

7) Email addresses: You can check how many email addresses are being offered with every account. Depending on your needs you can pick a specific plan.

8) Regular backups: Backups are very much required for a site as you never know what may go wrong. Many hosts these days have an option of scheduled backups, mostly in their VPS or dedicated sever packages. However, you can still buy a basic shared hosting package and can take manual backups for your site.

9) Monthly and yearly pricing: You can compare monthly and yearly pricing to see if there is a difference. Many web hosts provide discounts for yearly pricing. That way, you can save some money.

10) Option for upgrade: You can check with your web host if they provide an easy upgrade in a situation where you are exceeding the bandwidth or the storage space.

11) Scripts: If your site requires any special scripts then you can consult with your web host if they provide support for the same.

12) Site transfer: If you are transferring your site from another web host  then you can ask your new web host if they can provide a free transfer. Almost all major web hosts these days provide free website transfers when you are buying their hosting package, even if it is a shared one.

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