Chat, online conference netiquette: Tips, suggestions, guidelines for chatting online

Here are the chat, and online conference netiquette, tips, suggestions, and guidelines for chatting online:

1) No words with all capital letters: Capital letter words look like shouting or screaming. They should be avoided in an online chat.

2) Spelling, grammar and punctuation: Although this is not a hard and fast rule while chatting but it is good practice to use proper spelling and pronunciation. That way, the other person can easily understand.

3) Make sure you read everything before you send your messages: Sometimes while chatting a person can hit the enter button and you will just see half of what he has written. If you see that the user is typing, you should wait for him to finish.

4) Do not abuse: A chat conversation should be polite and refrain yourself from abusive words.

5) Follow the guidelines: Make sure that you follow the chat guidelines of the particular channel.

6) Regular laws: You have to make sure that you are following regular written communication laws like copyright, obscenity, defamation, fraudulent misrepresentation, freedom of information, and wrongful discrimination.

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