Traces of Plastic Found in Rice in Plano, TX Grocery Store

I can’t help but to share it on this blog. Although it’s not relevant to the technology space but I have to share it with my readers and followers. My sister texted me this morning some pictures of what I called “plastic rice”. She purchased a bag of sweet, long grain rice from a local supermarket in Plano yesterday and just started to open it up this morning to prepare food for lunch. She cooked it in a steamer, and when she opens up the lid, this is what she found.


These big bubbly pebbles were on top of the rice cooker. She couldn’t believe her eyes. These so call “rice” aren’t consistent in size. She hand-picked them out and try to taste it. It didn’t break apart like the real rice, but in fact she was chewing on some soften plastic pieces. Below are the front and back pictures of the rice bag that she purchased it in.

plastic-rice-bag-front plastic-rice-bag-back


I’m not sure exactly where it’s manufactured or processed in, but the front of the bag says “Product of Thailand” but the back barcode says “China”. This is really concerning to me.  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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