Swing in javax.swing: Types of component classes

Swing extends the capabilities of components which were used in AWT like buttons. It also adds new ones like tables, trees, tabbed panes, and scroll panes. Components of swing are platform independent.

Here are the types of Swing component classes in javax.swing:

  • JApplet: Swing version of Applet.
  • JButton: Swing push button class.
  • JCheckBox: Swing check box class.
  • JComboBox: It is used to wrap a combo box.
  • JLabel: Swing version of a label.
  • JRadioButton: Swing version of a radio button.
  • JScrollPane: It is used to wrap a scrollable window.
  • JTabbedPane: It is used to wrap a tabbed window.
  • JTable: It is used to wrap a table based control.
  • JTextField: Swing version of a text field.
  • JTree: It is used to wrap a tree based control.
  • AbstractButton: Abstract super class for Swing buttons.
  • ButtonGroup: It is used to wrap a mutually exclusive set of buttons.
  • ImageIcon: It is used to wrap an icon.

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