package: Classes, Interfaces, network socket, proxy server, internet addressing, Domain name System (DNS) package wraps internet and networking concepts in Java.

Network socket: A network socket is used to deliver packets through a network.

Proxy server: A proxy server is used to overcome restrictions for the default server. It is used for filtering requests and caching. Bandwidth could be significantly reduced by the use of a proxy server.

Internet addressing: Internet address is used to locate a computer in the internet. Initially 32 bit values were used for Internet addressing known as IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4). Nowadays, IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is also used which uses 128 bit values.

Domain name System (DNS): It is a difficult task to remember a website by its IP address like Hence, domain name system is used for naming domains, say,

Classes defined in package:

  • URI
  • URL
  • URLDecoder
  • URLStreamHandler
  • URLConnection
  • Authenticator
  • InetSocketAddress
  • SocketImpl
  • ContentHandler
  • JarURLConnection
  • SocketPermission
  • DatagramPacket
  • MulticastSocket
  • DatagramSocket
  • NetPermission
  • DatagramSocketImpl
  • NetworkInterface
  • URLClassLoader
  • HttpURLConnection
  • PasswordAuthentication
  • InetAddress
  • ServerSocket
  • Inet4Address
  • Socket URLEncoder
  • Inet6Address
  • SocketAddress

Interfaces defined in package:

  • ContentHandlerFactory
  • SocketImplFactory
  • URLStreamHandlerFactory
  • FileNameMap
  • SocketOptions
  • DatagramSocketImplFactory

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