Constrained Property, Persistence, Customizer in Java Beans

Constrained Property: Whenever a change is made to a bean which has constrained property, then an event of type PropertyChangeEvent is created and sent to objects which were registered to receive such events. By the use of constrained property a Java bean can function according to the run time environment.

Persistence: It is a property of a Java bean by which it can be saved to a persistent storage area and can be retrieved any time. For persistence storage the concept of serialization is used. If a bean is inherited from java.awt.Component class then it is automatically serializable. It is because the Component class implements Serializable interface. If bean does not implement Serializable interface, automatically, then serialization should be done manually. If you don’t wish to serialize a data member then you can use the transient keyword for it.

Customizer: A customizer provides a step by step resource to use a particular component. By the help of a customizer usage, installation and configuration of a component can be better understood.

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