ClassLoader abstract class in java.lang

ClassLoader abstract class is used to define how classes are loaded in java.lang. Methods defined by ClassLoader class:

findSystemClass( ) method: It is used to return a class object.


final Class findSystemClass(String name) throws ClassNotFoundException

resolveClass( ) method: It is used to resolve a class.


final void resolveClass(Class ob)

loadClass( ) method: It is used to load a class and then resolveClass( ) method is called, if callRC is true.


Class loadClass(String name, boolean callRC) throws ClassNotFoundException

defineClass( ) method: It is used to return a class object.

final Class defineClass(String str, byte ob[ ], int index, int nBytes) throws ClassFormatError

where, name of class is defined by str, object is defined as array of bytes, array starts at index, and nBytes is the length of the array.

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