Advantages of Java Beans, Properties of Application Builder Tool

Beans is Java’s approach to use reuse the code, integrate it and build software components. In beans each software component is taken as a building block for a complex component. By the help of beans, the functionality of a software can be increased as per the requirements. Java beans can work both in independent and distributed systems.

Advantages of Java Beans:

1) Beans is platform independent, that means it can be run anywhere.

2) It can be run in any locale and is distributed in nature.

3) Methods, properties and events of Beans can be controlled.

4) It is easy to configure Java beans.

5) A bean can both receive and create events.

6) Configuration settings of a bean can be stored persistently and can be retrieved any time.

Application Builder Tool: It is used to configure and connect beans, and to create applications.

Properties of Application Builder Tool:

1) Palette is used to specify all the available beans. New beans can be added to palette anytime.

2) Worksheet is used to display beans in a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Beans can be dragged and dropped from palette to worksheet.

3) Editors are used for configuring a bean.

4) Commands can be used to check status of a bean.

5) Beans can be connected to one another.

6) Beans after configuration and connection can be stored persistently and can be retrieved any time.

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