priority_queue STL container class in C++: Types of constructors, operators and member functions of priority queue

priority_queue class is used for the operations on a single ended priority queue.

A priority_queue class is declared as:

template <class T, class Container = vector<T>, class Comp = less<Container::value_type>> class priority_queue

Types of priority_queue constructors:

Type-1: Empty priority_queue

explicit priority_queue(const Comp &a = Comp( ), Container &b = Container( ));

Type-2: priority_queue that has elements in range i and j.

template <class InIter> priority_queue(InIter i, InIter j, const Comp &a = Comp( ), Container &b = Container( ));

Member functions of priority_queue:

1) size() function: It is used to return the size of the priority_queue.

2) empty( ) function: It returns true if priority_queue is empty, otherwise false.

3) push( ) function: It is used to add an element at end of priority_queue.

4) pop( ) function: It is used to remove first element in priority_queue.

5) top( ) function: It is used to return a reference to element if highest priority.

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