Difference between Process based and Thread based Multitasking programming

Hera are the differences between Process based Multitasking programming and Thread based Multitasking programming:

S.No. Process based Multitasking programming Thread based Multitasking programming
1 In process based multitasking two or more processes and programs can be run concurrently. In thread based multitasking two or more threads can be run concurrently.
2 In process based multitasking a process or a program is the smallest unit. In thread based multitasking a thread is the smallest unit.
3 Program is a bigger unit. Thread is a smaller unit.
4 Process based multitasking requires more overhead. Thread based multitasking requires less overhead.
5 Process requires its own address space. Threads share same address space.
6 Process to Process communication is expensive Thread to Thread communication is not expensive.

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