Software protection service, SNMP trap, SSDP discovery, storage, telephony, task scheduler Windows services

This post is about Software protection service, SNMP trap service, SSDP discovery service, Storage service, Telephony service, and Task scheduler Windows system services:

1) Software protection service: Software protection Windows service is used for managing digital license for downloaded software. This service is required for validating licenses and many other applications also depend on it. Hence, it should never be disabled.

2) SNMP trap service: SNMP trap Windows service is used for managing trap messages received by SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). These trap messages are used by SNMP managers in a Windows computer.

3) SSDP discovery service: SSDP discovery Windows service is used for locating compatible devices like Media center extender in a network. It uses SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) for this purpose. If this service is disabled, then services which depend on it will not work.

4) Storage service: Storage Windows service is used for providing support for group policies related to storage devices.

5) Telephony service: Telephony Windows service is used for implementing Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) services. This API is used for supporting programs and applications which control telephony related devices in a Windows computer.

6) Task scheduler service: Task scheduler Windows service is used for scheduling different tasks in a Windows computer. It is generally used by the computer for scheduling maintenance tasks. This service is required in a Windows computer and should never be disabled.

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