Routing and remote access, RPC endpoint mapper, Sensor monitoring, Shell hardware detection Windows services

This post is about Routing and remote access service, RPC endpoint mapper service, Sensor monitoring service, and Shell hardware detection Windows system services:

1) Routing and remote access service: Routing and remote access Windows service provides routing of incoming and outgoing network traffic. It is also used in providing remote access for users to your computer.

2) RPC endpoint mapper service: RPC endpoint mapper Windows service is used for resolving RPC identifiers to transport endpoints. If this service is disabled, then RPC service will not work.

3) Sensor monitoring service: Sensor monitoring Windows service is used for monitoring environment sensors. These sensors control the brightness level and other adjustments of a Windows computer. If this service is disabled, then sensors will not be able to adjust brightness of you computer and other services which depend on it will not work.

4) Shell hardware detection service: Shell hardware detection Windows service is used for providing notification for Auto Play hardware events. It controls auto play of devices like DVD drives. If this service is disabled, then a CD or a DVD will not be automatically played when you insert it in CD or DVD drive.

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