Ping, trace route (tracert command), netstat program in Windows XP

Ping: In the process of Ping packets are sent to a host name and then received back.  It is usually used to check whether an internet connection is connected or not. You can see the approximate round trip time for the packets in milliseconds.

To run a ping command: Go to: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Command Prompt

Then, type: ping and hit “Enter”. In place of host name you can also use IP address. For Example: ping

Ping command in Windows XP

Trace route: Trace route program is used to track the flow of packets from computer to another. Here, hops represent the stages in the routing of the packets. The command used for trace route is tracert.

For Example: tracert

It can also be used with an IP address. For Example: tracert

Trace route (tracert command) in Windows XP

Netstat: Netstat is a diagnostic program in Windows which is used to see to which internet hosts is your computer connected to.

To run this program, type: netstat and hit “Enter”. Then you can see the active internet connections.

Netstat command in Windows XP

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