How to configure, create, add a dial-up or ISDN internet connection in Windows XP?

Here are the steps to configure, create, and add a dial-up or ISDN connection in Windows XP:

1) Click Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Communications –> New Connection Wizard.

2) In the New Connection Wizard, click on “Next”.

3) Select the option “Connect to the Internet”. Connect to the Internet so you can browse the Web and read email.

4) Click on “Next”.

5) Select option “Set up my connection manually”. For a dial-up connection you will need your account name, password and a phone number for your ISP. For a broadband account, you won’t need a phone number.

6) Click on “Next”.

7) Select option “Connect using a dial-up modem.” This type of connection uses a modem and a regular or ISDN phone line.

8) Click on “Next”.

9) Type the “ISP name”. The name you type here will be the name of connection you are creating.

10) Click on “Next”.

11) Type the “Phone number”. You might need to include a “1”, or the area code or both. If you are not sure you need the extra numbers, dial the phone number on your telephone. If you hear a modem sound, the number dialed is correct.

12) Click on “Next”.

13) Type “User name”, “Password” and “Confirm password”. If you wish that all user accounts of the computer to access this internet connection then select the option “Use this account name and password when anyone connects to the Internet from this computer. Check the option “Make this the default Internet connection” to make this internet as the default internet connection whenever you wish to connect to the internet.

14) Click on “Next”.

15) If you want to add a shortcut of this internet connection on your desktop then select the option “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop”.

16) Click on “Finish”.

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