What are libraries and how to create, delete a library in Windows 8?

Libraries in Windows 8 is a way of grouping common local or remote folders and files. You can easily create libraries of documents, music, pictures, videos etc. in you computer. The idea behind the concept of library is that a user can access a file easily from the file explorer Window. To access library open a File Explorer window and you will see the libraries just below the Favorites on the Navigation pane in the left side. If the Navigation pane is hidden in your computer then, you can view it from the File Explorer window by clicking on “View” menu from the top and then, under drop down menu “Navigation pane”, click on Navigation pane menu item.

To create a new library in Windows 8, follow the below given steps:

1) Click on “Computer” icon on desktop or open any File explorer window.

2) Right click on “Libraries” and then New –> Library.

3) You can rename this library as per your choice, say “New Library”

4) Now, click on “New Library”, and then, click on “Include a Folder” on the right side and add local and remote folders as per your requirements.

If you wish to delete a library, right click on the particular library and then click on “Delete”.

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