Registry value data types in Windows 8

Data can be stored in many formats by the registry value. Here are the registry value data types in Windows 8:

1) REG_BINARY: It is raw binary data which is displayed in registry editor in hexadecimal format. It is used by hardware.

2) REG_DWORD: It is a 32 bit number which can be displayed in Registry Editor in decimal format, binary format or hexadecimal format. It is used for storing device drivers and services.

3) REG_DWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN: It is a 32 bit number in little-endian format. Used by Windows.

4) REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIAN: It is a 32 bit number in big-endian format. Used by UNIX.

5) REG_EXPAND_SZ: It is a variable length null terminated string. Used mainly by application programs.

6) REG_MULTI_SZ: It is a multiple null terminated string. It contains sequence of sub strings.

7) REG_SZ: It is a fixed length null terminated text string. It can be ANSI string or Unicode string.

8) REG_LINK: It is a null terminated Unicode string. It contains path of symbolic link. It is never used by applications.

9) REG_NONE: It contains data with no defined data type.

10) REG_QWORD: It is a 64 bit number.

11) REG_QWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN: It is a 64 bit number in little-endian format.

12) REG_RESOURCE_LIST: It is an array of lists. It contains resources for device driver.

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