How to use Performance Monitor for tracking performance of Windows 8 computer?

Performance Monitor can be used in Windows 8 for tracking performance of the computer. To access Performance monitor, follow these steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Settings –> Control Panel

2) On the right side, select “Small icons” for “View by” drop down menu.

3) Click on “Performance Information and tools”.

4) Then, click on “Advanced tools”

5) After that, click on “Open Performance Monitor”. This will open the Performance Monitor window.

6) On the left side, click on “Performance Monitor”.

7) Now, from the top menu, click on the green + button to add counters.

8) From the left side select different counters like memory, system, etc and then click on Add. You can also select the instances for that counter. When you are done adding the counters click on “OK”.

Now, you can see the performance of the counters you just added in the form of a graph.

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