How to use Data collector sets for creating performance reports in Windows 8?

Data collector sets is a tool in Performance Monitor for collecting data and creating performance reports. To create a report using Data Collector sets, follow the below given steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Settings –> Control Panel

2) On the right side, select “Small icons” for “View by” drop down menu.

3) Click on “Performance Information and tools”.

4) Then, click on “Advanced tools”

5) After that, click on “Open Performance Monitor”. This will open the Performance Monitor window.

6) Expand “Data Collector Sets” on left side and then expand “System”.

7) Then, click on “System Performance”.

8) After that click on the green “Start the Data collector sets” button at the top. The data collector will now start collecting data.

9) After a while, click on “Stop Data collector set” button at the top.

10) Now, expand the “Reports” section, and then expand “System”.

11) Click on “System Performance”. Here you will find the report generated by the Data collector set.

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