How to transfer fonts from one computer to another in Windows 8?

There are thousands of types of fonts available these days. Sometimes it happens like, you may have downloaded some fonts to one computer and you may require them in another. So, you don’t actually have to again download the fonts to the new computer. You can simply transfer them from one computer to another. If you wish to transfer, copy, move fonts from one Windows 8 machine to another, then follow the below given steps:

1) In your old computer, go to: My Computer –> C: –> Windows –> Fonts.

2) Copy the fonts which you require to an external USB drive.

3) Now, copy these fonts from the external USB drive to anywhere in the new computer (say Desktop).

4) Make sure that you are logged in the new computer to an administrative user account.

5) Right click on the fonts and click on “Install”. You can select multiple fonts at a time.

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