How to select, create a new Power Plan in Windows 8?

Power Plan in Windows 8 is a collection of system settings which are applied to the computer for improving performance (if it is a desktop computer), or keeping a check on the energy consumption (especially when it is a notebook computer). If you are a creative person then definitely you can compromise on energy consumption. However, if you are away from workplace and using a laptop then, saving power is a primary concern. These settings can be changed as per your requirements.

To change power settings in Windows 8, follow the below give steps:

1) Go to Charms bar –> Settings –> Control Panel

2) Select “Small icons” from “View by” drop down menu at the right side.

3) Click on Power options.

4) Balanced plan: This plan is useful if you wish to have a middle way by saving power and not compromising on energy consumption.

5) Power saver: This plan is totally for saving power and performance of the system will be reduced at times. This plan is ideal if you are away from a power source and wish to save battery life.

6) High Performance: This plan uses more power but will always provide optimum performance.

7) You can also change the settings of these plans by clicking on “Change plan settings”. Then, click on “Change advanced power settings”. Here you can change the power settings for hard drive, browsers, desktop background, wireless adapter, USB settings, PCI express, processor power management, etc. When you have made the changes, click on “OK”.

8) To create a new power plan, click on “Create a power plan” on the left side. Enter the name of your Power Plan, say Plan1 and click on “Next”. Select “Dim the display”, “Turn off the display”, “Put the computer to sleep”, “Adjust plan brightness” and click on “Create”.

9) To delete a custom power plan you just created, first you need to select a different power plan. For Example, select Balanced power plan. Then, click on “Change plan settings” for Plan1 (this you created in Step 8). After that, click on “Delete this plan” just below “Change advanced power settings”. Confirm deletion by clicking on “OK”.

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