How to save files in cloud server using SkyDrive in Windows 8?

By using SkyDrive, you can save your local Windows 8 computer files in a remote cloud server. You can also share these files with other people. SkyDrive provides up to 7 GB of free storage of files. For using SkyDrive, you need to have a Microsoft account.

To access SkyDrive there are three methods:

1) From Web: You can access SkyDrive from the web by visiting the official SkyDrive site.  Login with your Microsoft account.

a) Create a file or folder: Click on “Create” button at the top and then click on “Folder” for creating a folder. You can also create a Word document, Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation, OneNote notebook, or excel survey.

b) Upload files: After you login to your SkyDrive Account, you can upload files by clicking on the “Upload” button at the top.

c) Share a folder or file: You can share or a folder or file by clicking on “Sharing” button at the top. You can share a folder or file by sending it as an email, posting it to Twitter or by getting a URL for the location of the file or the folder. If you want your recipients to edit the contents of the file or the folder, then check on option “Recipients can edit”. You can check the option “Require everyone who accesses this to sign in” to make other users sign in to their Microsoft account before opening this file or folder.

d) Folder options: Click on “Folder actions” at the top and then select a specific option for downloading, deleting, embedding or moving a folder.

2) To access SkyDrive from your PC: Click on “Get SkyDrive apps” at the bottom left corner. Then, click on “Download the desktop app”. By using this app you can manage your SkyDrive account directly from PC.

3) To access SkyDrive from your Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Mobile”. Here you can download the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

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