How to modify items in Send to menu in Windows 8?

Send to menu is a context menu item in Windows 8. It appears when you right click on a file. By using Send to menu you can send that file to any location instantly, which is displayed in the Send to menu, like Compressed folder, desktop, etc.:

Send to menu in Windows 8

If you wish to add or remove more items in Send to menu, then follow, the below given steps:

1) Click on “Computer” icon in your desktop.

2) Go to: C: –> Users –> Your_user_name –> AppData –> Roaming –> Microsoft –> Windows –> SendTo

where, Your_user_name is the user name for which you are modifying the Send to menu item.

3) Here, you can add the shortcut of a specific folder for adding it to the Send to menu. To create a shortcut for a folder right click on that folder and click on “Create a shortcut”. If you get a message “Windows can’t create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on Desktop instead?”, click on “Yes”. Now, “Cut” this shortcut from the desktop and paste it in the SendTo folder as described in Step 2. You can also rename the shortcut as per your requirements.

That’s it. You have just added a new item to the Send to menu. To remove items from the Send to menu just delete the shortcuts in SendTo folder.

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