How to get system information about your Windows 8 computer?

There are three methods by which you can find components, performance, system information, hardware resources, software environment, input/output, network and storage details about your Windows 8 PC:

1) Method-1: Basic information: Right click on “Computer” icon in your desktop and then, click on “Properties”. Here, you can check the basic information like Windows edition, rating processor, installed memory(RAM), system type, pen and touch, computer name, computer description, workgroup, and Windows product id of your computer.

2) Method-2: Detailed information: If you wish to check detailed information then, Right click on “Computer” icon in your desktop and then, click on “Properties”.Then, click on “Windows Experience Index” under “Rating”. After that, click on “View and print detailed performance and system information” on right side down. Here you will get detailed information about your computer including processor, memory (RAM), graphics, gaming graphics, primary hard disk, Windows version, manufacturer, model, system memory, system type, number of processor cores, total size of hard disks, disk partition, media drive, display adapter type, total available graphics memory, dedicated graphics memory, dedicated system memory, shared system memory, display adapter driver version, primary monitor resolution, DirectX version, and network adapter.

3) Method-3: System Information: For System Information, press Windows key + X, click on Run (or type Windows key + R directly). Type msinfo32 and click on “OK”. Here, you will get every information related to your system. On the left side, expand options “Hardware Resources”, “Components”, “Software Environment” to get detailed information for sub categories.

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