How to free hard drive space in Windows 8 by using Disk Cleanup?

In regular computer operation there are many programs which are constantly being installed and uninstalled. When you uninstall a program, some files still remain in the hard drive. Also, temporary internet files, downloaded program files, offline webpages, Setup log files, thumbnails, error reports and various other junk files keep accumulating in the computer over time. These files have no use and it is better to get rid of them to free some hard drive space and to make your drive work faster. In Windows 8, there’s a tool known as Disk Cleanup which can remove these files. To start Disk Cleanup utility for a hard disk drive, follow the below given steps:

1) Right click on the hard drive which you want to be cleaned up.

2) Click on “Properties”.

3) Under “General” tab, click on “Disk Cleanup”.

4) Then Disk Cleanup will take some time to calculate how much space you can free in this particular drive.

5) Select the files to be deleted under “Files to delete”. Here, you can also see the total amount of hard drive space you will gain by deleting these files.

6) To view the location of these files, click on any option in the “Files to delete” and then click on “View Files”.

7) You can click on “Clean up system files” button and then Disk Cleanup will again scan the disk for system files. This includes Windows update cleanup files, Windows defender files, system archived error reports and other junk system files.

8) Select all the files to be deleted.

9) Click on “OK”. You have to wait for some time for the Disk Cleanup utility to remove the unwanted files in your system.

10) Click on “Clean up system files”. Go to: More options tab. Then, under “Programs and Features”, click on “Cleanup”. This will take you to the “Uninstall or change a program” window where you can uninstall programs which you don’t use.

11) Click on “Clean up system files”. Go to: More options tab. Click on “Cleanup” under “System restore and shadow copies” to free more disk space by removing all the system restore points except the latest one. Then, click on “Delete” for “Are you sure want to delete all but the most recent restore point?”

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