How to enable Start menu, old file explorer, earlier IE features in Windows 8?

In Windows 8, there is no start menu as it had in earlier versions. If you wish to activate Start menu, old file explorer, previous features of Internet Explorer in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or in Windows 7, you can do it by using an open source software Classic Shell. All, you need to do is download the software and install it in your Windows 8 computer. While installing, you can select which options, you want in your Windows 8 computer, namely: Classic explorer, Classic Start menu, Classic IE, and Classic Shell update. If you select the option “Classic Shell”, then all above options will be installed. Also, you can check option “Create a Start menu folder”:

Classic Shell Installation in Windows 8

After you install the software, Start menu will appear in your Windows 8 computer. Click on Start menu to access it as you used to do in earlier versions of Windows:

Custom Start menu in Windows 8

To change the settings of the Start menu, right-click on the Start menu, and then, click on “Settings”:

Settings for Classic Start menu

In “Settings for Classic Start menu” dialog box:

i) Start Menu Style tab: Select any style from the start menu from: Classic Style, Classic with two columns, or Windows 7 style. You can also select the style for Start button from here.

Change Start menu style in Windows 8

ii) Basic settings tab: Here, you can select different shortcuts and other settings for the Start menu.

iii) Skin tab: Here, you can select the skin fo Start menu and you can select other skin options like show user picture, show icons, font settings, etc.

iv) Customize Start menu tab: Here, you can change the different settings for items of Start menu.

To change settings for File Explorer:

i) Open any file explorer window.

ii) Click on “Classic Explorer settings” icon on the right side:

Change Classic Explorer settings

iii) In “Settings for Classic Explorer” dialog box, click on option “Show all Settings”.

Change navigation pane, other settings for Classic Explorer

iv) Here, you can change settings from different tabs: navigation pane, title bar, toolbar settings, toolbar buttons, status bar, file pane and language.

To change settings for Internet Explorer:

i) Open IE 10 Window, and if you get a message “The Classic explorer bar add-on is ready for use”, at the bottom, then click on “Enable” or click on the gear menu (or press Alt + X), and click on “Manage Add-ons”.

ii) Under “Toolbars and Extensions”, make sure “Classic Explorer Bar” is enabled.

Manage Add-ons in IE 10


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