How to enable family safety, web filtering, time limits, windows store, apps, game restrictions in Windows 8?

Family safety is one of the important features in Windows 8 which is used for applying restrictions on certain websites, applications and games for children. To enable Family Safety in Windows 8 follow these steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Settings –> Control Panel –> User Accounts and Family Safety –> Family Safety

2) Select the account for which you wish to enable Family Safety.

3) Select option “On, enforce current settings”.

4) Select option “On, collect information about PC usage”.

5) Web Filtering: Select this option to set up which websites the particular account can view. When these settings are turned on, automatically “SafeSearch” is turned on for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Also, questionable adult images are blocked automatically.

a) Select option “Account-Name can only use the websites I allow” to enable web filtering. Here, Account-Name is the name of the account.

b) Click on “Set web filtering level”.

c) On the next page select any one of the below given options:

i) Allow list only: This is the highest restriction level where you can enter only specific websites which a child can view. To enter the websites, click on “Click here to change Allow List”. On the next page you can enter the website URL and click on the “Allow” or “Block” button as per your requirements.

ii) Designed for children: This is the second most restricted option where the child can view sites from “Allow List” and websites which are specifically made for children.

iii) General Interest: Here, the child can view sites from “Allow List”, websites which are specifically made for children and websites from general interest.

iv) Online communication: Here, the child can view sites from “Allow List”, websites which are specifically made for children, websites from general interest, mail, ,chat and other social networking websites.

v) Warn on Adult: Here, the child can view all sites but will be warned when they visit a potential adult site.

vi) Block file download: You can select this option to block the file downloads from this particular account.

d) Allow or block specific websites: This option is for adding or blocking sites in “Allow List”.

6) Time Limits: You can use this option to enable time limits for the account.

a) Set time allowance: Click on this option to set up specific time limit for a user to use the computer.

i) Select option “Account-Name can only use the PC for the amount of time I allow”.

ii) Here you can allow the hours and minutes the user can use the account on Weekdays and Weekends.

b) Set curfew: This option can be used if you want to restrict the child on not to use the computer at specific time.

i) Select the option “Account-Name can only use the PC during the time ranges I allow”.

ii) Click on the hours for which you want the restrictions to be applied. Blocked times are denoted by blue. If you wish to deselect an already selected option then click on the blue mark in the graph again.

7) Windows Store and game restrictions: Here you can control which games and Windows store apps, the user account can access.

a) Select option “Account-Name can only use games and Windows store apps I allow”.

b) Set game and Windows store ratings: You can use this option to allow games and apps based on ratings.

i) Here you can allow the child’s account to play games based on ratings. These ratings are defined by Entertainment Software Rating board. You can select below given ratings on that page as per your needs.

ii) Allow or block specific games: Here, you can block games depending on their genre. To use the rating system, select option “User rating setting”, if you wish to always allow a specific genre then select option “Always allow” and if you wish to always block a specific niche then, select option “Always block”.

8) App restrictions: Here you can select which apps the child can use.

a) Select option “Account-name can only use the apps I allow” for adding the apps in allowed list.

b) Click specific apps from the list populated below. If you did not find a specific app in the populated list then you can click on “Browse” and select the app.

9) View activity reports: Here you can view the activity reports based on most popular websites, latest blocked pages, PC time used, and most used apps and games.

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