How to disable startup apps, programs in Windows 8 to increase performance of system?

There are many programs and apps which are activated automatically when a computer restarts. You may not need these apps on a daily basis, however they are started automatically because of the default settings of these apps. These apps keep running in the background and decreases the performance of the system slightly. Also, they are annoying as you need to close them every time you restart your computer. The best way is to disable the programs and apps which are not frequently used.

To disable the startup apps and programs in Windows 8, follow these steps:

1) Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

2) Click on “Task Manager”.

3) Go to the “Startup” tab.

4) Select the app which you want to disable.

5) Click on “Disable”.

Here, you can also check the Startup impact of an app. Startup impact is the degree of impact from CPU and disk activity, measured during startup and updated with each restart.

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