How to create System Diagnostics reports in Windows 8?

System Diagnostics reports are helpful for finding problems or issues (if any) with your Windows 8 computer. The following checks are made by System diagnostics: OS checks, Disk checks, Security center checks, System service checks, Hardware device and driver checks, performance checks, software and hardware configuration checks, CPU checks, network checks, and memory checks.

To create a System Diagnostics reports in Windows 8, follow the below given steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Settings –> Control Panel

2) On the right side, select “Small icons” for “View by” drop down menu.

3) Click on “Performance Information and tools”.

4) Then, click on “Advanced tools”

5) After that, click on “Open Performance Monitor”. This will open the Performance Monitor window.

6) Expand “Data Collector Sets” on left side and then select “System Diagnostics” under “System”.

7) Click on the “Start Data Collector set” green button at the top toolbar. You need to wait for some time for the report to be crated. When the report is created, the page will refresh.

8) Then, go to: Reports –> System –> System Diagnostics to find the generated report. Double click on the report on the right side window to view it.

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