How to create, set a picture password in Windows 8?

In Windows 8, you can login to your computer by using another method of entering a password which is picture password. Here, you don’t have to type in your password. Instead you can create gestures associated with a picture to login to the computer.

To create a picture password, follow these steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Settings –> Change PC Settings –> Users –> Create a Picture Password.

2) Then, confirm your current password.

3) After that click on “Choose Picture”.

4) Click on “Files” and then browse and select the picture you want to use for a picture password. Click on “Use this picture”.

5) Then, create three gestures in the picture. You can use the combination of straight lines, taps, and circles. Create the first gesture in Step 1 then second in Step 2 and third in Step 3. You need to make sure that you remember these gestures as you need to perform the exact gestures when you login.

6) After that, you have to again repeat the same gestures to confirm the picture password.

7) Click on “Finish”.

That’s it, picture password is set. Now, you can login to your computer the next time by performing the same set of gestures in the set picture.

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