How to create, burn a music, data cd, dvd by using Windows Media Player in Windows 8?

To create or burn a music cd, data cd, or dvd by using Windows Media Player in Windows 8, follow the below given steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Search –> Type Windows Media Player under “Apps”. Click on Windows Media Player icon to open.

2) In Windows Media Player, click on “Burn” tab.

3) Enter a blank CD or DVD.

4) Now, from “Burn options” (drop down menu, located at top right corner) select “Data CD or DVD” for creating a data cd or dvd, or select option “Audio CD” for creating an audio cd.

5) Here, you can also sort the list you are creating by title, album artist, album, release date, date taken, rating or by file name. Select any option as per your requirements from “Sort List by” drop down menu.

6) Click on “Name Disk” to name the disk which you are cretaing. Type in the disk name.

7) For more options, click on “More burn options…”

8) Drag and drop the songs or data (whichever cd you are creating) from your computer under the name of the disk.

9) When you have added the songs or data, click on “Start burn” button. Then, wait for the burning process to finish.

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