How to change the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) settings in Windows 8?

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security mechanism in Windows which prevents unsolicited programs to make changes in the specific memory locations. This way the computer is more secure and changes in the memory can be made only by the trusted programs. This way, it saves the computer from viruses and other security threats.

To change the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) settings in Windows 8, follow these steps:

1) Press Windows key + X.

2) Select “System”.

3) Then, click on “Advanced system settings”.

4) Go to “Advanced” tab in the “System Properties” dialog box.

5) Under “Performance”, click on “Settings”.

6) In “Performance Options” dialog box, select “Data Execution Prevention” tab.

7) Select option “Turn on DEP for essential programs and services only”. This option is default one and is recommended.

8) If you wish to add DEP for all programs, then select option “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:” and then enter the exceptional programs and services by clicking on “Add”.

9) When you are done, click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

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