How to change speaker sound effects settings in Windows 8?

In Windows 8, you can change the sound effects settings for speakers like bass boost, virtual surround, room correction, environment, voice cancellation, pitch shift, equalizer, headphone virtualization, and loudness equalization.

To change speaker sound effects settings in Windows 8, follow the below given steps:

1) Go to: Charms bar –> Settings –> Control Panel

2) Select “Category” from “View by” drop down menu on the right side.

3) Click on “Hardware and Sound”.

4) Click on “Sound”.

5) In Sound dialog box, under “Playback” tab, double click on the “Speakers” icon.

6) In “Speakers Properties” dialog box, go to “Enhancements” tab. Check any option as per your requirements.

a) Bass Boost: Boosts the lowest frequencies that can be played by the device.

b) Environment: Simulates multiple playback environments.

c) Voice cancellation: Mutes vocals for full karaoke experience.

d) Pitch shift: Pitch shifting allows users to pitch up an down per personal preferences.

e) Equalizer: Settings to emulate the frequency response of various performance conditions, e.g. pop, live lock, etc.

f) Headphone virtualization: Headphone virtualization uses advanced processing to create the illusion of a home theater while using stereo headphones.

g) Loudness equalization: Loudness equalization uses understanding of human hearing to reduce perceived volume differences.

7) When you are done click on “Apply” and the “OK”.


  1. admin says

    Looks like speakers in your system don’t support Pitch Shift. You can try by adding another speaker. You can also try by updating the driver software. Press Windows key + X. Click on Device Manager. Under “Audio inputs and outputs”, right click on “Speakers” and then, click on “Update driver software.”

  2. says

    I don’t even have a tab for “Enhancements” :( and apparently I have the latest update of driver software for my speakers. Did Windows withdraw this function?

    • admin says

      This feature is still active. In Step 5, make sure that you double click on the Speakers and then in Speakers Properties dialog box, look for Enhancements tab. See Screenshot:

      Speakers Properties dialog box in Windows 8

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