How to change screen resolution, appearance of display in Windows 8?

Although, Windows 8 chooses the best resolution for your screen by default, you can change the screen resolution manually. Ideally the rule of thumb is to use the best possible screen resolution which your machine supports. This best resolution is also known as native resolution. It will be marked as “Recommended”. To change appearance of display, screen resolution in Windows 8, follow these steps:

1) Right click on your desktop and select “Screen resolution”.

2) On the “Change the appearance of your display” dialog box, select the screen resolution based on your requirements. For Example: 1440 x 900.

3) Then, click on “Apply” button.

4) You will see a black screen for some time which is perfect normal.

5) Now, on the “Do you want to keep these display settings?” dialog box, select “Keep changes” if you wish to apply the following screen resolution. If not click on “Revert”. If you don’t take any action the screen resolution will be automatically reverted back to its previous setting anyways.

6) When you are done setting the resolution, click on “OK”.

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