How to change folder icon, picture, properties in Windows 8?

To change the icon and picture of a folder and folder properties, follow these steps:

1) Right click on the folder and select “Properties”.

2) To change the folder picture, go to Customize tab, under “Folder pictures”, click on Choose file and add the picture you want to set for the folder.

3) To change the folder icon, click on “Change icon” under “Folder icons” and select an icon as per your needs.

4) Optimize this folder for: If you know what kind of folder you are creating, then you can optimize it accordingly. You can optimize it for “General items”, “Documents”, “Pictures”, “Music” and “Videos”.

5) Go to, General tab and click on “Advanced”.

6) Under “Archive and Index attributes”, “Folder is ready for archiving” option is automatically handled by Windows to create an archive or a backup copy of this folder. Even you don’t have to change anything in the second option “Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties”. If this option is selected then Windows will index the files of this folder for searching.

7) Under “Compress or Encrypt attributes”, select option “Compress contents to save disk space” to compress the folder. It is a great way to save space if the contents of a folder are larger. This option will work only for Windows which uses NTFS file system. Option “Encrypt contents to secure data” encrypts a folder and it can be opened only by the Windows account which has encrypted it.

8) When you are done, click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

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