How to change, arrange, show, hide desktop icons in Windows 8?

To change and personalize desktop icons in Windows 8, follow these steps:

1) Right click on the desktop and select “Personalize”.

2) Then, click on “Change Desktop icons” on the left side.

3) Select the icon for which you need a new icon.

4) After that click on “Change icon”.

5) Select any icon as per your choice and click on “OK”.

6) If you only want to show specific icons select them from the check box under “Desktop icons”. The icons which you will check will only be displayed in the desktop.

To arrange, show and hide desktop icons in Windows 8:

1) Right click on the desktop and go to “View”.

2) You can display the icons as “Large icons”, “Small icons”, and “Medium icons” by slecting these options.

3) Auto Arrange icons: You can select this option to automatically arrange the desktop icons.

4) Align icons to grid: If you select this option then the icons will be in a grid arrangement having equal spacing between them.

5) Show desktop icons: If you want to hide the desktop icons then uncheck this option.

6) Sort by: You can check sort the desktop icons by “Name”, “Size”, “Item type”, and “Date modified”.

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