How to add social media accounts in People App in Windows 8?

To add social media accounts in People App in Windows 8, follow the below given steps:

1) Go to Start Screen and click on “People”.

2) Click on the Account picture at the right side.

3) Then, click on “Go to settings and connect your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.”

4) On the right side, click on any social networking icon to connect the account with Hotmail, Live, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Google, LinkedIn, and Sina Weibo.

5) For Example, here I will connect with Twitter.

6) Click on “Connect” button.

7) Enter the “username” and “password” and click on “Authorize App”.

8) Click on “Done”.

9) After you have added a social media account in People app, you can find your contacts from the social networks in the right side of “People” section. To view any contact simply click on the contact. Here, you will see other options like “Send Email”, “Send Message”, “View profile”.

10) “What’s New” section shows the updates of your contacts from social networks.

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