Adjust Your Power Savings Setting to Speed Up Windows 8.1

Adjusting the power savings setting is one of the quickest ways to speed up your Windows 8.1 devices, whether it be a laptop or desktop machine. By changing the power savings setting, your machine will run faster.

Here are a few quick steps to adjust the power savings setting:

  1. Launch the SEARCH window¬†by touching the right corner of your screen and select “Search”
  2. Change the drop-down menu from “Everywhere” to “Settings”
    windows 8.1 search
  3. Type “Power” in the search bar and select “Change Power-Saving Settings” like so…
    power savings setting
  4. In the “Power Options” window, select “High performance” option like so..
    high performance
  5. Windows automatically saves your selection. Once you select the high performance option, Exit the screen.

By changing your power savings option to the High Performance, you will realize increased speed of your machine; however, it may use more energy.

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