5 ways to access Task Manager in Windows 8

Task Manager is used in Windows 8 for closing any unresponsive processes or programs. It can also be used for checking performance of current:

1) CPU: utilization, speed, processes, threads, handles, up time.

2) Memory: in use, available,committed, cached,  aged pool, non paged pool.

3) Disk:  active time, average response time, read speed, write speed.

4) Wi-Fi and Ethernet send and receive data.

5) App History.

6) Start up programs list.

7) Users logged in.

8) Services

There are 5 methods to open and access Task Manager in Windows 8. You can choose any method as per your requirements:

1) Method-1: Use the Windows shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + Esc

2) Method-2:

i) Press Windows key + X.

ii) Click on Task Manager.

iii) To end any unresponsive program or process, go to: “Processes” tab and right-click on the process you want to end and click on “End Task”.

3) Method-3:

i) Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

ii) Click on Task Manager.

4) Method-4:

i) Go to: Charms bar –> Search.

ii) Type Task Manager under “Apps”.

iii) Click on Task Manager at the left side.

5) Method-5:

i) Right click on any empty space (where there are no icons) in taskbar.

ii) Click on “Task Manager”.

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