How to update graphics driver software in Windows 7?

If you see any distortion in graphics, or if you see any issues with fonts, icons and images in your Windows 7 computer then the first troubleshooting step should be to update the graphics driver software in your computer.

Follow the below given steps to update graphics driver software in a Windows 7 computer:

1) Right click on Desktop and then, click on “Screen resolution”.

2) Then, click on Advanced Settings.

3) In Monitor and Graphics properties dialog box, go to Adapter tab. Click on “Properties”.

4) Go to Driver tab, and then click on “Update Driver”.

How to update graphics driver software in Windows 7

5) In “Update Driver software” Wizard, click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”. Now, the update for the driver software will be searched in the internet and in your Windows 7 computer.

Follow the steps in the wizard and install the updated driver software. This will probably fix the problems which you are having with the graphics in your computer.

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