How to troubleshoot compatibility to make old programs to run in Windows 7?

You can use Program compatibility wizard, for making older versions of software and programs compatible with Windows 7. Program compatibility wizard is used for detecting and resolving compatibility issues with old versions of programs.

If you already know the settings and earlier version of Windows for which this program is compatible, then, you can directly run the program in compatibility mode.

To troubleshoot compatibility to make old programs to run in Windows 7, follow the below given steps:

1) Right click on the program for which you have compatibility problems in Windows 7 and then, click on “Troubleshoot compatibility”.

2) Now, your Windows computer will start the Program compatibility wizard to detect and resolve compatibility issues. Click on “Try recommended settings”.

Select troubleshooting options in Program compatibility wizard

3) Windows will try to detect and resolve the compatibility issues with the program. It will also show you which settings have been applied. You can now, click on “Start the program” to test the program, if the new settings have fixed the compatibility problems. When you have tested the program, click on “Next”.

Test compatibilty settings for the program

4) If the settings has worked and solved the compatibility issues, click on “Yes, save these settings for this program”.

Troubleshooting has completed

5) If you are still unable to run the program, then click on “No, try again using different settings”.

6) Select the particular option as per the problems you are facing. For Example, say the program is not displaying correctly, so I will pick the option “The programs open but doesn’t display correctly”. Click on “Next”.

What problems did you notice

7) Now, the wizard will ask to specify the display problems. After selecting the specific issues, click on “Next”.

What display problems do you notice

Again, the new settings will be applied. You can test the program by clicking on “Start the program”. If the settings still doesn’t work, you can click on “No, try again using different settings”. You can continue this process until you find the correct settings for making the program compatible.

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